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At this time the IOU Notes platform can be accessed through any device
that has a web browser (phone, desktop computer, laptop, tablet, etc.)

We are currently in Beta Version and continually working on adding and
releasing new features. Please signup for your FREE account and start using today. 




In the future IOU Notes will have an App that can be downloaded for Google (Android devices)
and Apple (iPhone devices). Until then please use the web version account that can be signed in
from any internet enabled device.


To add IOU Notes login page icon to your Phone's home page
which will act the same as the Google Play and App Store apps see below.

Android Devices:

How to add a website to your Android home screen. To add a website to an Android home screen, open Google Chrome and go to the website. Then drop down the menu by tapping the three-dot icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Select Add to Home screen.

iPhone Devices:

First, launch Safari and navigate to the website you would like to access from the Home screen. Tap on the Share button and then tap Add to Home Screen. You can edit the name of the site, but not the URL. Pick a short name so you can easily see it on the Home Screen icon. Home Screen icons can show 10 to 12 characters of text, depending on the width of certain characters. Remaining characters are replaced with ellipses (…). Now that your icon has a place on the Home Screen, it takes on many of the same behaviors as an app. Tapping on the icon will launch Safari and bring up the desired web page. You can even search for the web app icon using Spotlight.




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Our Mission

IOU Notes is an Financial Technology Company based in South Florida. Our mission is to empower all individuals, families, and businesses with financial freedom and to leverage their inherent rights.

With the IOU Notes platform every person is their own bank.
The platform extends money creation and generating new money into the economy abilities to all people and businesses in every country (currently available only in US) regardless of their background, gender, race, religion, political affiliation, economic status, education, income level, or any other factors.

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