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The IOU Notes
Financial Revolution



Our Mission Statement: IOU Notes was created to put economic creation power into all people regardless of their background, gender, race, religion, political affiliation, economic status, education, income level, or any other factor.



From the start our mission is to break the barriers imposed by Government Leaders and their Representatives, Financial Institutions, and Large Companies that use their power and reach to suppress people.

Financial security is very important and enables the average person to have more options at their disposal. This enables free thinking and democracy in counties all over the world. Healthy debt is okay but excessive debt is caused by compound interest of 18% - 150% from credit cards, payday loans, other unsecured loans, etc. that are targeted to billions of people around the world to just pay the minimums required, which is only paying the interest for years and never paying the principal borrowed. When the average person is constantly in debt, they are constantly dependent on others and their freedom is turned over to others to make decisions for them, weather or not they realize it. IOU Notes hopes to save users billions of dollars each year from this deceitful industry interest practice.

This is why the IOU Notes Platform was created, so people will have an alternative, namely other credit, payment, and loan options. Best of all, the technology is Patent Pending and setup to be Peer-based which means our company decentralizes credit, payment, and loan decisions that once large financial corporations had the exclusive right, and puts the power into each person and small business on the platform. IOU Notes is not against having and using credit cards or loans. It has it's place and is a great resource when used correctly. We are against the tactics used in the credit card and loan industries that is designed to cause compound interest, hidden fees, and cause people to be enslaved by their debt.


The Goal: Most companies start out with a vision and with the hopes to take their company public and sell stock to the public. The problem with this approach is that once a company goes public, it is bought up by many entities who are both individuals and corporate investors. Also, once a company has gone public, it is very hard to maintain the original mission by its founders. There will be many shareholders with voting rights, and the main reason to buy shares in a company is to maximize return on investment. In this attempt to satisfy shareholders, the company's main concern will be to grow revenue at any cost and to push profits.

While IOU Notes is setup with the goal to generate revenues and profits like other companies, the difference is our driving force. IOU Notes is not seeking to go public. Our mission is to create a company that has far reaching social change and to impact and help people around the world with their goal of become financially independent. That the funds generated by IOU Notes are used in a useful way to help to create a positive difference in the world.

We are creating a different kind of company and want others to get involved and be part of this financial revolution. In order for this IOU Notes platform to succeed, many individuals, and small business owners need to know about it. Our strategy consists of opening our platform to the community at large. Every person can get involved with IOU Notes in any matter or capacity that he or she wants to. We welcome your talents and experience and what you bring to the table. Please help us share IOU Notes with your world. Be an IOU Notes Influencer. Post about IOU Notes in your social media accounts, hang flyers at small businesses in your community, etc. For marketing materials click here. Any ideas or feedback please direct to us at influencers@iounotes.com



 Crypto Currency Blockchain Coin 

10 Million Max Supply
Industry leaders Bitcoin is 21 Million and Ethereum is unlimited





IOU Notes Coins cannot be bought and are not for sale We are giving them away as a Gift of Appreciation to Crowd Funding Supporters that Donate $20 or more.






Crowd Fund Raising:

Become a supporter and join our mission together with IOU Notes. Any amount is valued and we thank you and we put your funds right to work with expanding the IOU Notes Network and reaching others. Click fund me
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Donations of $20
or more will receive
our Gift of Appreciation

 Crypto Currency Blockchain Coin

10 Million Max Supply
Industry leaders Bitcoin is
21 Million max supply
and Ethereum is unlimited.


Note: IOU Notes is a for profit company and any funds donated are not tax deductible. We declare any donations as company revenue and pay the applicable taxes on it.

Other Funding Methods

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• Services and Products:
If you have a service or product that could help us please email us the details to funds@iounotes.com


With other companies in the Technology field, their goal is to collect as many users and data mine their clients habits and tendencies and then sell that personal data to Advertisers and Marketers so that is how they are able to offer a completely free service.

IOU Notes is Free to open an account for all users (individuals and business) and Free to use the service. We generates revenue is from low processing fees from the recipients of IOU Payments and Loans. Our technology is Patent Pending, we are the only company to offer this form of IOU Currency, and will never sell your personal data like others companies do.



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